The 15th of Shaban marks the birth anniversary of Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (p)

The Holy Prophet (phuh&hp) is reported to have said:
“Al-Mahdi is from my children, his name is [like] my name, his agnomen is [like] my agnomen. He is the most similar to me in my appearance and my character. He will enter into an occultation which will cause the people to deviate from their religions. At that point, he will come forth like a sharp shooting star and fill the earth with justice and equity, just as it has been filled with oppression and tyranny.”

:روى عن رسول الله محمّد (ص)
“المهديّ من ولدي، اسمه اسمي، وكنيته كنيتي، أشبه النّاس بي خلقاً وخلقاً، تكون له غيبة وحيرة حتّى تضلّ الخلق عن أديانهم، “فعند ذلك يقبل كالشّهاب الثّاقب فيملأها قسطاً وعدلاً كما ملئت ظلماً وجوراً

الصدوق، كمال الدين وتمام النعمة، ص  [٣١٥]

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